About us

AHR Manpower Group (Agensi Pekerjaan Associates HR (KL) Sdn Bhd) is the First One-Stop manpower and talent-sourcing provider in Malaysia that provides services in Foreign Worker Specialist, Executive Search & Local Operators, and Maid Agency.

AHR Manpower Group is a certified employment agency by Jabatan Tenaga Kerja with (license number), JTKSM 225C. Having more than 10 years vast experience in Foreign Workers Application and our company has now expanded and diversified services in Executive Search & Local Operators and Maid Agency.

The one stop manpower solutions for Foreign Workers Application, Executive Search & Local Operators and Maid Agency enable the group to serve each of clients of all sort of manpower challenges from foreign workers up to executive level as well as handling the household management (maid). AHR engaged a global network & associates internationally, this is to ensure that clients are provided with the suitable labour force.

First Award from Anugerah Niaga Times 2020

Young Entrepreneurs Story - CEO Interview

We as AHR Group received First Award in a ceremony organised by Niaga Times on 21st July 2020.

Since the establishment of the License Employment Agency in year 2006, our team have faced all kinds of difficulty, bitter challenges.
And we as a team to work diligently to overcome all problems to a glorious culmination.
This award means a lot to AHR to continue to fight hard and strive to achieve AHR’s dreams.
Once again, AHR congratulates CEO Kelvin Cheong Kok Weng on today’s achievements and contributions from all AHR Team members.

“Towards the Glorious Peak of Entrepreneurs”

Legal Processes in Foreign Workers Application

To ensure the success and effectiveness of the application, we will be make a visit to client office to study the demand for foreign workers before we submit the application to both JTK and KDN for approval. With the intel, we would then assist you in Foreign Worker & Work Permit Application. In order to provide the best workforce, your company can always make specific requests from us. Our in-house Foreign Workers Manpower Outsourcing Agency has engaged with associate partners globally, including those from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other source-labor countries.

Speedy Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Process

At AHR, we speed up your talent acquisition and recruitment processes. From screening to shortlisting candidates, we only refer the best professionals to your organization so as to shorten and simplify the process of acquiring the best and right talents in your human resource department. Understandably, our effective and efficient services have enabled us to build and maintain good long-term relationships with both companies and professionals in the field.

Best Qualified Maids

Here at AHR, we had good relationship with Embassy of Philippines, AHR will only provide experienced and well-trained maids with a good educational background of maid portfolio. We are very concerned on the training of maid and each maid will be provided regular service and counseling before we submit the maid to the family and employer. We have the portfolio ready for tour reviewing and selection and nevertheless, the maid is given guaranteed period.




We responsive immediately every cases we awarded from customers.



We keep on updating the new, right and best information from our related department for our customers.



We keep on research our productivity on ideas, no matter in our management and ideas to satisfied our customers



We keep on remind ourself that every hard job, every workers that matched the job, we doing good deeds and it will pay off, we believe in good rewards in return that is making a profit in our company



We will always not forgetting our hard work that started from the ROOT , where its started Since 2005 with the support and trust given by our precious customers until now.